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About Flaws in Art 

A passion for capturing and expressing beauty 

Corinne is a photographer and artist living on Gabriola Island.   Her passion is sharing the beauty around her with friends and family back home in Winnipeg where she moved from in 2020.   The moment she stepped onto the beautiful island and found out it was the "Isle of the Arts"she knew she had found her home!    A home where she is surrounded by many amazing and talented artists as well as enchanting forests and seascapes!


My Story

Corinne turned her full attention to art and photography once she retired from her career in Information Technology Project Management at a major Canadian financial corporation.    


She had always loved taking beautiful landscape photos wherever she travelled or around her home but became much more excited about it once she got a DSLR camera a few years before her retirement.   Since them she has spent hours learning and practicing her skills.    


Her goal is to capture images that she can use as input to her art, to allow her to recreate the beauty in her own interpretation.    She has taken art workshops to help evolve her skills in oil painting, watercolour and acrylic and alcohol ink paintings as well.  


More recently she has begun creating art photography using techniques to create artistic looking photos with her camera as well as using art apps to manipulate her photos into artistic images.    

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